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The MINI-TEEPLUG family groups plug-socket connecting solutions having high level protection (as far as IP68 at 5m depth) with reduced dimension than TEEPLUG.
The products maintan same products and electrical characteristics of bigger versions, so they are ideal for protected installation im small spaces.

The MINI-TEEPLUG range is available in the following versions:
- TH380: with quick locking-unlocking without cable gland (IP20)
- TH382: with quick locking-unlocking with cable gland (IP40)
- TH384: with fixing lock nut and cable gland (IP54, IP66, IP68)

IP20 and IP40 versions are suitable for inner use, such as indoor lighting and furnishing (e.q. false ceiling).

behuizing: PA66 UL94 V2 GWT 850°C
contacten: vernikkeld
contactaansluitng: schroef
belasting / werkspanning:  TH380: 25A / TH382: 16A / 400Vac
afdichting: TH380: IP20 / TH382: IP40
kabeldiameter: TH380: max. 12mm / TH382: 7-9.5mm
maximale aderdiameter: TH380: 2.5mm² / TH382: 1.5mm²

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